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Digital Micrometers


  • Cabide tipped measuring faces.
  • Origin shown when it's on.
  • Protection grade:IP54.
  • Metric/Inch system conversion at any position.
  • With data output.
  • With functions of absolute and relative measurement.
  • With hold function.
  • High rigid steel frame.
    Technical Parameters
    ltem No. Range(mm/in) Resolution (mm/in) Accuracy(mm)
    480-505B 0-25mm/0-1" 0.01/0.0005" +/-0.002
    480-510B 25-50mm/1-2" 0.01/0.0005"
    480-515B 50-75mm/2-3" 0.01/0.0005" +/-0.003
    480-520B 75-100mm/3-4" 0.01/0.0005"

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